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10 Wildflowers that Attract Birds to Your Yard

10 Wildflower that Attract Birds

10 Wildflowers That Attract Birds to Your Yard

If you want to attract birds to your yard and also would like to add a splash of color with flowers, might I suggest the best of both worlds?

Below are 10 wildflowers that you can plant in your yard that birds enjoy.  As an added bonus, they are all easy to grow because they are native to the United States. Most attract beautiful butterflies too.
Why Plant Wildflowers?
Wildflowers are native to the United States.  They are easy to grow in most soils. They are beautiful and birds like chickadees, bluebirds, nuthatches, cardinals, blue jays, titmice, orioles and a whole slew of additional birds will visit them during the growing season.

In the spring, the birds enjoy a hearty feast of insects that are pollinating the flowers. Once the seeds start to ripen, the birds collect the seed to eat.

You are planting a beautiful garden to watch flourish and attracting birds as well.  It is the best of both worlds.

1.) Asters



Butterfly Happily Skipping Along Purple Astors

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2.) Black-Eyed Susan

Plant black eyed susans in your garden to attract insects, birds and butterflies. Birds eat the insects and sees. Butterflies collect the nectar.
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3.) Blue Anise Hyssop

Blue Anise Hyssops flowers attract birds and butterflies to your backyard.
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4.) Tickseed

Plant tickseed flowers in your flower garden. They attract wildlife like birds and butterflies to your backyard.

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5.) Firewheel or Indian Basket

Plant firewheel flowers to attract butterflies and birds to your flower garden.

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6.) Liatris

Plant Liatris in your flower gardens to attract butterflies and birds.
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7.) Lupines

Plant Lupines - To draw butterflies and birds into your garden area.
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8.) Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat Flowers attract birds and butterflies to your backyard gardens.
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9.) Coneflowers (Purple and Yellow)


Finch enjoying the seed heads of purple cone flowers

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10.) Sunflowers

Monarch Butterfly on Sunflower

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Search through the listing and see what flowers might work in your own yard.

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