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Using Antiques as Unique Planters

Using Antiques as Unique Planters

Using Antiques as Unique Planters


Have a wheel barrow with a hole in it? Give it a second life as a planter! If the hole is to large, just place a piece of metal over the hole and cover the bottom with plastic. Fill with dirt and get planting.

I find old wash tubs and aluminum pails in thrift shops and at yard sales all the time. I will always purchase a few here and there to plant my annuals in.

This postings in going to be a small percentage of the ideas that I have photographed.  Look here for the running list.

Now don’t laugh, but last year the neighbor lady asked if I knew what this “certain” red pot that I had on my deck was. I said nope, I got it free at a yard sale and it was perfect for what I needed to plant. Small pot, perfect for a little arrangement….anyone? Give up? It is an old enamel pee pot.

Old style, small scale, wooden wagons make unique planters.

Cast iron tubs are just way too cute. Wishing I could locate one for inside my flower bed.

Drill a hole in the middle of a an old wooden chair to hold a flower pot. The chairs add visual appeal to porches and decks.

Whisky in a barrel? Nope. How about flowers in a barrel? I know they have came out with the plastic imitation barrels in the stores within the past few years. Really, there are just no substitues to the real thing.

Last but not least, is one of my favorite planters of all. The old style crocks. I have one crock planted with red geraniums every year on the cement pad leading to our garage.

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