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Bamboo Bean Trellis


I continually try to find ways to grow additional produce in my small garden. Last year on a trip to a dollar type store I thought of an idea that might give me additional space to grow my pole beans.

I purchased 3 bamboo poles and then fastened them together with string. I purchased a roll of regular string at a home improvement store. I then attached the string by tying it onto the bamboo poles and let each string just touch the ground. As the beans sprout, they will grab the string and climb upward. For a little over $4.00 it was the best garden investment I made last year.

Every year before last I had proven the string trick affective. However, the strings were attached to my fence and it was difficult to cut the vines off the fencing.

Last year when the plants were finished producing for the year, I just cut the entire string off and threw the string and plant into the compost pile.

It was such a simple fix! As an added bonus when the poles rot out, I can throw them into the compost pile too. Perfect solution!

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