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Care For Houseplants When On Vacation

How To Care For Houseplants When You Go On Vacation

How To Care For Houseplants When You Go On Vacation

How do you care for houseplants when on vacation ? There was a time when I would hire a house and pet sitter for our home. At the time, we had 2 dogs and our children came with us during our travels. Back then, it was easier and less of a headache to just have a house sitter/pet sitter water our plants for us when she was letting out the dogs.

Easy solution to care for your houseplants on vacation.

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When our first lab passed, we found it much less of hassle and easier on the pocketbook to take our small dog with us during our travels. Which left a huge dilemma for me. How To care for houseplants when you go on vacation?

Watering Globes: I had thought about Water Globe. Truthfully, they work well. Only if you have a few plants. Otherwise, you are spending more money than having someone come to the house once or twice.

Sit In Water In Bathtub: Then I thought of leaving them sit in water in the tub. That was short lived. Standing water will only give the plants root rot.

Bathe & Bag Them: I came up with an easy solution to help solve the problem. Bathe and bag them!

When we were growing herbs, the plants thrived. So, I decided to try it over our weeks vacation.

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Steps For Bath and Bag Them Process

1.) Gather up all the indoor and outdoor potted plants. Placed them in the bathtub.

2.) Water them well and place plastic grocery store bags over the entire plant. Some of the plants might be too large to be placed in bags. For the x-large plants, water and cover with a garbage bag.

3.) Store all the smaller plants in the tub and the x-large plants on the bathroom floor.

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That is it.  That is how to care for houseplants when you go on vacation. When you return. Perfectly healthy plants!  Even the teens who stay behind from trips, no longer have to be counted on for watering.  It works!


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