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Fall Roadside Produce Stands in the Country Yield Economical Decor

Take a drive out in the country in Wisconsin and you will eventually spot a field of pumpkins growing. The striking orange coloring against the autumn yellow fields make them stand out.

Another common sight to see is roadside produce stands. The growers sell just about anything and everything you need for fall decor. Bales of straw or hay, Indian corn, mum plants, pumpkins and much more. If decor is not what you seek the stands have fresh homegrown produce, some have jams, jellies and relishes too.

One of my favorite decorating items is the corn stalks. I use them in both to decorate the outside of my home for the fall season.

I seek out the stands for winter squash and pumpkins. The stand prices seem to be less if purchased direct from the farmer and the product is fresh.  Which allows me to store it longer before use.

Most of the stands have pre-made fall decor that you can purchase for a reasonable price as well. You will receive something unique and not mass produced, which is something I seek out.

If nothing else, they might spark an idea or two for you.

Taking the drive is relaxing! It gets you out of the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy the crisp, fresh air.

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