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Filling Your Bird Feeders With Non-Sprouting Seeds

Filling Your Bird Feeders With Non-Sprouting Seeds

No Sprout Bird Seed

Show of hands.  How many of you have weed sprouts under your bird feeders right now?  I used to! Until I learned this no sprout bird seed secret.

One summer we took a ride up to my husband’s grandparents home in, Wisconsin.  My husband’s grandfather, was a naturalist.


It wasn’t uncommon for us to see him filling birdfeeders, hummingbird feeders or laying on the ground trying to catch the perfect shot of one of his feathered friends at the feeder.


Purple Finch

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This particular Saturday morning he was doing something I found odd.  He was returning seed to his bird seed bags.  He had large baking sheets on his garage floor filled with seed. 

As we filled the bag I just had to ask what had happened.  His answer shocked me.  He baked the seed for his feeders.


Who knew that if you baked the darn seed in the oven it would prevent sprouting under your feeders? Well, my husband’s grandpa did.  That is who.

Here all these years the darn companies could have been saving us time weed picking. Until my husband’s grandfather taught me this little trick for no sprout bird seed, that is EXACTLY what I had been doing. Picking weeds under my feeders.

When I returned home I baked my first batch of bird seed.  I thinly layered it on two baking sheets and placed it in the oven at 300 degrees for 20 minutes.  I let it cool and fill my feeders.  Problem solved!  No more sprouting seeds from messy eaters.

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