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When Do the Hummingbirds Return

Hummingbird at fresh and clean feeder

When Do the Hummingbirds Return

Each year the neighbor lady asks me this question.  For her, I finally just said; watch for my feeders to go up.  You’ll know 🙂 For the rest of you, you will just have to keep reading.

How Do I Know When the Hummingbirds Will Return

Ok, you are not my next door neighbor.  You can’t just watch for when I hang my feeders.  I use several methods to tell when the hummingbirds will return.

1.) Write the Dates in a Notebook

Close up of a Hummingbird

I have been tracking the date the hummingbirds returned to my feeders in Green Bay, WI over the past four years.  The dates fall during the first week of May. Now, I know from watching migration maps that pretty much every Southern state has their hummingbirds return during February and March. Which happens to be much earlier than me.

Tracking the dates allows me to get my feeders up a few days ahead of schedule.  

This way when the hummingbirds arrive, there is food.  The birds remember where food was last year. No food?  They move on.

  • My feeders are up the last week of April (Midwest areas)
  • Southern areas are between February and March.

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2.) Use The Migration Map

If you would like real time migration, use an online tracking source. If you want to track your state, please see the migration map here.

Get Prepared

If you haven’t located your hummingbird feeders from last year, you better get to finding them soon.

1.) Wash Your Feeders

Hummingbird at a freshly cleaned hummingbird feeder

It is important to wash your feeders out with apple cider vinegar to kill any lurking bacteria.  

Please do this a few days before you plan to refill your feeders, it  gives the feeder time to dry properly before filling them.

2.) Make Your Yard Hummingbird Friendly

Make your own nectar, find out what plants have nectar hummingbirds like and how to get hummingbirds to nest in your yard. All of these tips will make sure you have hummingbirds returning to your yard year after year.

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