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Fish Pellets as Fertilizer

Fish Pellets as Fertilizer

Fish Pellets as Fertilizer

Whenever I can, I like to use organic fertilizers.  People ask me all the time how I grow such mammoth rhubarb plants and I always grin and I say I’m not sure.  That grin should be a tell all – I do know, I’m just not telling.  Until today. Fish pellets as fertilizer is the secret.

How Do I Grow Mammoth Rhubarb Plants?

Well, I have a pretty good idea how one can harvest a truck load of 400 pounds of rhubarb from two plants on any given year.  AND, that 400 pounds is NOT a typo.

It all started with my great-grandfather.  My great-grandfather was a fisherman and avid gardening king.

As a growing child, there are things that you remember from your childhood as if they were yesterday.  Like being told not to go under the electric fence…but you just HAD TA try it out for yourself.  BIG MISTAKE.

Or, the fact your great grandfather always cleaned fish caught in the creek or the bay and buried them in his garden.

Grandpa’s Secret For Healthy Plants Was Simple

After he cleaned his fish, he buried the body.  Literally!  The fish remains always produced wonderful, healthy plants.  

As a woman who is married to an avid fisherman, I too, would fetch the remains and bury the bodies 🙂 It was free fertilizer and costs nothing.  You start early in the spring and continue until about a month before frost.

But There Was an Issue

Young Lab Puppy

My husband brought home a loveable lab puppy.  Of, course I fell madly in love with him, even though I said and would not.  

The following spring – Scouty Rowdy Pumpkin Pie decided that he needed to dig up the buried bodies and roll in them.  

Have you ever tried to remove dead fish smell from a dog?  Well, let’s say; DON’T EVER put yourself in that position.

Then I Tried

Scout digging up plants fertilized with liquid fish fertilizer.

Liquid fish concentrated worked well, after you get past the smell.   Add the solution to water, and water your plants.  But, again.  Foiled.  

Scout decided to just start ripping plants out of the ground  and I spent the next three days shampooing my carpets after he dig out my tomato plants.  Not fun!

Fish Pellet Fertilizer

Fish Pellet Fertilizer Organic

The magic bullet.  Only a slight smell, which Scouty didn’t pick up or bother with.  It gives me basically the same yearly production.  

Maybe, a little less than using the full fish, but very comparable results.



Oh, but don’t leave the bag out.  In small doses the dogs can’t smell them well.  A whole package, ugh!  Thankfully, they are organic and non-toxic. But, if they eat enough; you will know it 🙂

Moral of the Story

Don’t bury the bodies if you have a dog, they love to roll in smelly things and you will be left gagging.  Enjoy gardening again with organic non-toxic fish pellets as fertilizer because the worst your dog can have is bad breathe 🙂

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