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How to Create Easy Stepping Stones for the Garden

How to Create Easy Stepping Stones for the Garden - Easy DIY Stepping Stones For Your Garden

Easy Stepping Stones for the Garden

Easy stepping stones for the garden. Creating garden stepping stones couldn’t be this easy, could it?

It is so easy that a group of 12 year old children could make them and give them as gifts.



Easy Stepping Stones for the Garden

The stepping stone created above was made by a 12 year old!  If you decide to collect all of your own supplies the stepping stones will only cost you around $2.75 to make.

You can get as creative as you would like with the creation of your garden stepping stones.


Petroleum Jelly
Old Pie Tins or Stepping Stone Mold
Plastic Gloves
Decorative Stones and Glass
Letters and Numbers Stepping Stone Stamps
Metal Spatula
Wooden Paint Stick

Stepping Stone for the garden



1) Cover your workspace with newspaper.

2.) Rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the inside of your mold or old pie tins

3.) Put on plastic gloves.

4.) Mix the Quikrete in a plastic bucket with water according to the package directions.  Use the paint stick to stir the Quikcrete. Add Quikrete Coloring if you would like.

5.) Pour the Quikcrete into the molds. Tap the molds gently onto the ground to release the air bubbles trapped in the create.

Milestones, Paw Print Kit
Garden Handprint Stepping Stone Kit
Garden Stepping stone
6.) Use a metal spatula to smooth the top of the Quikcrete.  Press any decorative stones, shells or glass so that they are flush in the Quikcrete. If you want you can press cookie cutters into the crete to create patterns or hands for handprints. Press letters into the exposed Quikcrete if you wish. You will want to work quickly because the Quikcrete dries fast.

7.) Allow the stepping stone to dry at least 24 hours before removing from the mold.