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How to Make Mosiac Garden Mushrooms to Decorate Your Gardens

Mosaic Mushrooms For the Garden

Make your own toadstool mushrooms for the garden using a few recycled items from around the house.  Use a vase, bowl, Quikrete cement and decorative pieces of glass or broken plates.

Cement n Mosaic Mushrooms


Encase an old glass floral vase with an even layer of quikrete that has been tinted with a buff color concrete colorant. Let dry.

Place a small amount of quikrete in the inside, middle of the bowl and attach it to the floral vase which is acting as the mushroom base.

Spread small amounts of quikrete around on the outside of the bowl in an even spread.  Work in small squares of quikrete.  Spread the quikcrete and press your glass, broken plates, rocks or whatever you desire into the top of the mushroom.

Let the entire mushroom dry and set out in your garden.

Happy Gardening!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Mosiac Garden Mushrooms to Decorate Your Gardens

  1. Hello Nikki! Hope you are out there. I so love these little treasures for the garden. Just a couple of Q’s. For the vase, is glass or ceramic work fine and what is the best material for the bowl? Also, can I use Weldbond for the glass or ceramic pieces first, then apply a grout afterwards instead of Quikrete?

  2. Hello, Kathleen! Sorry for the late response, but the servers here got spammed with junk comments and it took me & the website down. Thus, I have restructured the entire site.

    To answer your questions:
    1.) I used a glass vase. Ceramic would work just fine too. Quickrete sticks to anything I have tried thus far.

    2.) Again, any material for your bowl is fine. I used a few different types of bowls so far. Plastic, metal and glass; basicly, anything I find for under a buck at the second hand store I grab.

    3.) Using Weldbond to glue the pieces down and apply grout would work. I have done that for a wooden table and for a metal turtle I created. The only thing that I worry about is using the method on glass for areas that get frost. The Quickrete provides a thicker barrier from the elements. Although, you could be very careful about frost and snow if you live in an area that receives it.

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