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Pink Garden Phlox

Pink Garden Phlox

Pink garden phlox is a tall perennial that is planted as the backbone in a flower garden. The Purplish-pink flowers provide crisp, clean color all summer long right into fall and produce a fragrance that welcomes any garden visitor. Striking blooms when planted en masse.

There are many versions of phlox, like the creeping, low growing rock garden version of this plant.  But, for this posting; I’m sticking with the tall version.

The tall phlox stalks grow up to 16 inches tall and the uncurling of the pink garden phlox flowers is a magical and beautiful sight. Tightly wound flowers open in an artist and graceful way, leading to an explosion of color.

Tall Phlox

Pink Flower Common Name -Fall Phlox, Garden Phlox, Perennial Phlox, Summer Phlox, Tall Phlox

Flower comes in Pure white to red, with nearly every shade of pink, lavender, salmon and purple.

Pink Garden Flower Phlox attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

Attracts: Birds, butterflies & hummingbirds

Common Name: Fall Phlox, Garden Phlox, Perennial Phlox,  Summer Phlox, Tall Phlox

Botanical Name: Phlox paniculata

Type: Periennial

Color: Pure white to red, with nearly every shade of pinklavendersalmon and purple.

Bloom Time: July thru September

Zones: 4-9

Soil Preference: rich, moist soil in full sun pH 7.0 or higher

Light Requirements: Full sun (will tolerant partial shade will less blooms)

Size: 2 – 5 feet tall (depending on variety) and 2 feet wide


Some varieties may see slugs, snails, spider mites and rabbits


Two of the common diseases that are troublesome to tall phlox

Powdery Mildew

Root Rot

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects a wide range of plants. Plants display white powdery spots on the leaves and stems.

Spray plants with Dusting Wettable Sulfur every few weeks to prevent powdery mildew.  

Roots of plants affected by root rot may turn from firm and white to black/brown and soft.

Caused by poor drainage of damp soil, overwatering or a poorly functioning root system.

The leaves of affected plants may also wilt, become small or discolored.

Plants with root rot generally die.

Companion Flowers

Basic Care

Plants can be lifted and divided in the spring and fall.  Spray plants with Dusting Wettable Sulfur every few weeks to prevent powdery mildew.   Fertilize with Osmocoter Smart-Release Plant Food once in the beginning of the season.. 

Add An Explosion Of Color

If you are looking for a lovely addition to become the backbone of your garden all summer. Look to planting tall phlox in your garden.

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