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Selecting Garden Plant Bulbs

Selecting Garden Plant Bulbs

Selecting Garden Plant Bulbs

I’m a person that likes to see and hold my bulbs in my hand when selecting garden plant bulbs. So, ordering my bulbs from an online source is out of the question for me. But, sometimes, it happens that I have to order online.  In that case, I cross my fingers and hope I get good ones.  After they arrive I still go over the 4 simple steps below.  If they fail, the postmaster will get them back.

4 Things to look for when purchasing bulbs

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In Store Selection of Bulbs

1.) When holding a bulb in your hand, you should look for bulbs that are on the heavier side. If the bulb has dried up, pass on them. They will not grow.

Plant all spring flowering bulbs in fall. If planting garlic 8 inches apart at a 4 inch depth and mulch well.

2.) The outside of the bulb should be free of mold, if there is a little surface mold that can be wiped clean with your hand, that is ok.  I did plant the garlic cloves above and they turned out just fine. The inside of the bulb will not have been damaged.

Planting Fall Bulbs for Spring Flowers - What to look for when buying you plant bulbs

3.) If the bulb is soft, pass on it.

4.) Look for packaging that states “top size”, this means a larger bulb and usually means bigger, healthier flowers.



You can never be 100% sure that you will have success with any bulb.  Using the guide above does make sure you have a fighting chance.

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