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If I mention a product and link to it on this site – I might get a small percentage of the sale. But, I will not just randomly link to anything. I’ll have an excellent reason for sharing. I support all types of artists on and also link to Amazon at this time.

My Photography

The photography that say click on photo to purchase, is mine. You will be directed to one of the accounts I commission to sell my work. The companies handle all the sales, professional printing and shipping.. All photography sales came with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Read more about the ordering process.

Paid Sponsorship

If I would receive compensation for promoting any product through paid sponsorship in this posting I will come out and directly tell you so. But, any opinions on this site are my own and if I did or didn’t like something, I will let you know. I’m a pretty straight shooter – or, so I have been been told. I’d rather tell ya where those links are going and why. It is to help you and for me to make a little something for sharing my time and talents with you. If you don’t want to look at the product, don’t click on the link. Haha! But, you gotta make money to pay the hosting fees —right? 

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