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Spoon Butterfly Garden Ornament from Recycled Silverware

Spoon Butterfly Garden Ornament From Recycled Silverware

Spoon Butterfly Garden Ornament from Recycled Silverware

Make this cute garden spoon butterfly garden ornament from recycled silverware in a matter of minutes.

The trick? Have all the materials ready for someone to weld them together.  It takes minutes to crack out an entire garden.



4 Old Spoons
Steel Rod
Long Hex Screw
Soldering Gun & Flux / Spot Welder / MIG Welder

Recycled Spoon Garden Butterfly Directions:

1.) Cut off the handles of all your old spoons using a hacksaw and cut a steel rod to the height you will want your butterflies.

2.) Place a large goop of hot metal on the top of the steel rod. Press your spoons in a butterfly wing pattern. Two on top, two on bottom. The bottom side of the spoons (that doesn’t hold your food) should face up.

(Note the spoons are facing outward a little. This makes them look like real wings.)

3.) In the center of the spoons, place more molten metal to place the long hex screw.  This becomes the butterfly body.



Guess what?  You are finished.  Pretty easy, huh?

They hold up pretty well in the elements.  It is going on year three.  The only rust I have is the underside of the spoons.  The top gets a film and I just wipe it off from time to time. The spoons are still rather shiny.

Make a few garden butterflies from recycled spoons for yourself and many more for your friends and family.

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Until next time friends.  Take care!

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