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Spring Potted Planter Ideas

Spring Potted Planter Ideas

It is difficult when the Wisconsin weather doesn’t cooperate.  Slow spring warm up, cold nights and iffy daytime weather.

That doesn’t stop one from planting.  You just have to take a chance, roll the dice and be prepared to bring your plants indoors if Mother Nature is being testy.

Field Outdoor Spaces - Spring Container

Add some pussy willow branches to a regular floral arrangement and then after they blossom, remove them.

Field Outdoor Spaces - Willow Branches

If you can’t locate pussy willow branches, then try willow branches. Just a touch of height can make and texture can make this spring arrangement soar.

Choose hardy flowers and you can give the planters as gifts and they will stick around for pretty much the entire summer.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.  That is how you come up with the best planters.  Just keep moving things around until you achieve a visually satisfying appearance.  If your planter looks bare, just keep adding plants until it is full.

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