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The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin – When to Harvest

Growing Pumpkins

Growing Pumpkins

Photo Credit: Cheryl (Era Phernalia)

When do you harvest pumpkins? How long can you store them? 

1.) Leave the fruit on the vine until it has fully ripened and hardened. You can measure the size every few days to see if the pumpkin is still growing if you are curious.

2.) When the growth has stopped and the color is fully matured; cut the pumpkin off the vine using a sharp knife leaving plenty of stem. This prevents damage to the remaining pumpkins growing on the vine.

3.) Do not carry the pumpkin by it’s stem. If you are planning on selling your pumpkins or carving them, remember that the stem adds to value to the sale price. Customers pass up pumpkins without stems.

Wash the pumpkin off. Allow to dry completely. Pumpkin store for about 2-3 months at the 55 degree temperate mark.

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