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    Clean Your Outdoor Plastic Patio Furniture in Less Than 2 Minutes


    Clean Your Outdoor Plastic Patio Furniture in Less Than 2 Minutes

    My neighbor was throwing out some old chairs. I asked if there was anything wrong with the chairs and was told that they tried everything to clean them up but nothing worked. I needed a few extras for around our fire pit for an upcoming party for guests and thought I’d see what I could do to clean them.


    Within 2 minutes the first chair was completely clean and sparkling bright white again. Will the powerwasher be the solution for keeping them clean?  Sure.  If I use it every few weeks.

    The drawback?  After a few times, the outer coating does come off but this isn’t my worry.  The disgustingly dirt looking chairs are.  Watch for yourself in the video, it an easy solution for a chair you would throw out, giving you another few seasons of use..


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    Recycling a Water Jug Can into a Watering Can


    Today NOTHING seemed to go right.  I chalk it up to just being one of those days, I guess.  Rather than let it get me down I just went with the flow and improvised a little.

    Can’t find your watering can?  Make one.  Can’t find a funnel?  Create your own!

    I’m such a dork.  Welcome to my backyard, where I’m greeting you with wonky camera angles and random ideas 🙂  I’m random at times, I tell you. Rannnnnndom.

    I decided even if I had a failed attempt with my brainstorm of an idea I was posting the video.  Watch and see what you can do too.  Mixing fertilizer just got a whole lot easier!  Watch the video here.